Monday, 15 July 2013

Beauty products pennies live for!

I rarely do beauty posts but I have so much coming up this month I don't think my face will be seeing MAC any time soon! There is a lot of high street brands creating products that are almost identical to those brands that are more expensive. I buy a lot of beauty products and I am always drawn to two brands, Catrice and GOSH Cosmetics. Not only are they as good as top brands they are so pocket friendly you can't help but stock up. They are always on trend with each seasons statement colours and all at a budget price. I have selected five products from each brand which I have tried and tested. So, here goes!


1 - Eye Brow Stylist // 2 - Eye Brow Set // 3 - Prime and Fine Base
4 - Gel Eye Liner Brush // 5 - Prime and Fine Eye Shadow Base

Catrice's eyebrow products are long lasting and allow you to achieve your desired shade. The prime and fine base does what it says but can leave a residue on your hands, but for the price it is only a minute issue! Catrice does excellent beauty tools if you are looking for a quick fix. Products range from €1.50 to €6.00

GOSH Cosmetics

1 - Velvet Touch Lipstick // 2 - X-Ceptinal Wear Foundation // 3 - Velvet Touch Primer
4 - Volume Lipgloss (soft coral) // 5 - Natural Blush Box
GOSH is a little bit more expensive than Catrice, ranging from €7 to €15. I love all of GOSH's products and rate them all to the highest standards. The only issue I have, is the above primer leaves your hands feeling almost silky but to a point where everything you pick up is sliding from your grip. If putting this on with with your fingers, wash hands thoroughly. I adore GOSH's blusher, it's very easy to apply and long lasting.

What's your favourite high street brand?


  1. The lipstick you've chosen is lovely!
    Laura, xx

  2. nice products <3 your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  3. wow wata nice collection...the best collection I have ever seen check mine too


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