Thursday, 13 June 2013

You've got to love the blazer!

I am very sticky writing this post and inhaling the strong scent of  fake tan! Preparing for the weekend ahead! I've never really accepted that ginger's do not tan, will never tan and should not be tanned! I am a victim to the bronzing! Why does tan make everything look so much better?! Or what really gets me is those super pale girls that have the porcelain skin and just look "twilight" amazing! I really should embrace my natural colouring but when you have milk bottle legs with a tint of purple it can be scary! I bought an outfit last week for a party I am going to Saturday night. I loved the idea of it but it just was not me. There was a lot of black which I try to rarely wear. Anyway I exchanged it for a bright colourful dress and got some killer heels! I will bare all when I have the hair done and the war paint on! I love dressing up going shopping and a good blazer really finishes off an outfit. Blue and stone are two colours I love putting together and everybody needs a navy white stripped top in their wardrobe! Handy for those sailor themed parties! (because I go to so many! Not!!) These trousers are so comfortable! I picked them up in Penney's years ago and they are still as good as new. I could wear these as pajamas  My latest obsession is these gold rings. I really think, even though plain they make a great statement!

All items Penney's from god know' s when!




  1. I love gold jewelry!

    Maddy @

    1. It really is fantastic! Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Great outfit Cat dear, really love how you put this together, those trousers look so cool, awesome that they're comfy as well! ^^ Have fun at the party, hope you have a great weekend!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

    1. Thanks Liana x Have a great weekend

  3. Great casual look, love your Mariniere top ;).


  4. Hi, great post!

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