Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dashing Around!

 Today was food shopping day! I thought the tee was very appropriate!

Tee - £4
Jeans - £19
Necklace - £3
Jacket - £23
All from Primark

When I saw this tee in Primark the weekend I was standing alone laughing away to myself. When I brought it back to the hotel and showed Chris (my boyfriend) I was weak. I'm very easily amused! I can't wait to show my dad he has a mustash too!

The jeans were a must. I'd seen a pair identical to these in MANGO but these clearly a lot cheaper got the basket residence. The detailing on the front and back pockets are very western, will def be wearing these July 4th! I love the torn affect it adds such casualness to jeans and it can really dress down an outfit for a lazy day!

This jacket was my favourite purchase in Liverpool. It ticks army and aztec and has a hippy touch to it which I love for the summer! I was watching Forrest Gump, and you know the part in it where Jenny is a hippy? Every time I wear it I think of  that! It will be Perfect to add edge to all my girly summer dresses! 




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