Wednesday, 13 February 2013

D.I.Y. #3

I'm going to show you how to make a pair of 
fun denim shorts from an old pair of jeans

You will need:
Pair of jeans
Fabric pen
Customizing spikes

This transfer pen is fantastic you can get it in
any good fabric store. This pen reacts to heat so
you will need to iron your clothing to make it
permanent. Spikes, RiverIsland €8
Step 1: Put your jeans on and mark where you want to cut and cut!

Tip: mark lower than you want to ensure you have more to work with in case you mark it too short

Step 2: When your happy with your length, hold the scissors as wide as you can at

 the end of your short's leg and quickly move the scissors back and forth to create this frayed look. 

Step 3: Add studs to your pocket, which ever side you prefer, or both.

Step 4: With your pen, draw what ever designs you want. Make it personal so its a unique piece.

Step 5: Your new shorts!!





  1. I can't believe you cut up those jeans! The shorts look great. Just to let you know I found One Stop Stationary in Limerick stock a range of fabric markers-crayons and paint. I love their 6 pots of fabric paint for €4 its goes a long way

  2. Thanks a mil! I've been looking for cheaper products. I will def have a look. D.I.Y is the way to go xx


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