Sunday, 13 January 2013

Which, What,Wear

So many tops, so many designs, so many chains......what do I wear with what????? This Is what I wear with all my accessories.........

I'm keeping with all the SS13 trends with the clothes I've used, lace, stripes,denim, aztec and I've thrown in a couple of plain tops.

My neck accessories include collars, long chains, short chains ans chunky chains.

First the Stripes. I love stripes and just to recap!! Horizontal for curves, Vertical to elongate DO NOT FORGET! 

I've chosen a bright parrot necklace and chunky chain to show how two very different chains can liven up a plain tee like this 

We all have pretty dresses but grunge is here and we want to make the best of our own wardrobe. I paired a DIY black collar with various buttons sewn on and two different cross style long chains. Crosses should be in every girl's wardrobe!

Patterns can be really easy to accessorize with nice plain gold and silver chains because we don't want too much going on, right??  WRONG! it's boring and dull, who cares if it looks crazy, your getting noticed!!

Sometimes when we have a high neck patterned dress we tend not to wear neck pieces, here's how a bright bold neck piece can wear well on  a  high neck dress and don't be afraid to match silver with gold as you can see on the plain shirt.

Collars are great to liven up a plain top and denim goes with everything.

Our classic white shirt. Make a statement with loads of chains or just one big chain.

A low cute plain tee can look very boring and bare. Pair with a chunky chain or collar, remember collars don't actually have to touch the top itself. They look just as well resting on your neckline.

Lace is so pretty. You can keep it pretty by adding pieces that rest on the neckline of the top.

Earrings, rings, bracelets.......have loads......different shapes, sizes, colours

I adore clutches and belts. They finish an outfit off nicely. Have them in different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. 

I love Sunnies

Especially my new Elton John's!!

PS! Ignore the spot it's a Sunday, no Make-up day!

Here's a few links to stores that sell great accessories

I hope this is a help to accessorize what with what!
Fashion is what you interrupt it to be.
So don't be afraid to try something new!


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